Join the Children with a Disability Register

If you have a child with a disability (aged 0-18) you may find it helpful to add your details to Ceredigion’s Children with a Disability Register.

The register is a voluntary register of children with disabilities that every council must provide and keep up to date. It is free to join but you can choose if you would like to be included.

Your email address will be added onto our mailing list and you will receive regular updates about information that may be of interest to you including groups that are being held locally.

How the Children with a Disability Register works

The register is a secure database of names, addresses and other details of our local disabled children and young people (aged 0-18 years) who live in Ceredigion.

Signing up to the register is not linked in any way to applying for any other benefit or support.

You may wish to sign up to the register if your child has additional care needs. This may be because they have a:

  • Physical difficulty
  • Learning difficulty
  • Sensory or communication impairment
  • Disability that causes behaviour that challenges at school or home
  • Complex Health Needs
  • Disabling condition that requires treatment over a long period

You do not have to sign up to the register. However, if you do you will receive Information about activities, play schemes, carers support and other service developments.

Your child’s name will automatically be removed from the register when they turn 18 years old.

How to apply to the register

Click on the link below to register your child’s details.

Children with a Disability Register

If you are unable to access the link, please contact Clic, our social care Contact Centre, on 01545 574000.