A new Well-being and Care Pathway - What is it and why is it happening?

The Council is currently in the process of implementing its new well-being and care pathway. It is comprised of three key parts: Dewis Cymru, Porth y Gymuned and Porth Gofal.

This new way of working provides residents the means to identify the right help they need at the right time. It values prevention and early intervention as core principles for the way it works. The three key parts are changing practice through adopting a way of working which focuses on a resident’s strengths and finding solutions that are produced with the resident and their community.

The developments proactively embed the community and 3rd sector (such as charities) into meeting the wellbeing and care outcomes for the people of Ceredigion.

Why is it happening?

  1. The new development stems from the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014. The act fundamentally changes how the Council should meet the wellbeing and care needs of people in Ceredigion
  2. Growing demand means the Council needs to change the way it works to ensure sustainable and successful services for residents – now and in the future
  3. With sustained and deep cuts to budgets, the Council also needs to use creative solutions to be able to provide viable, affordable and sustainable wellbeing and care solutions.

What will happen?

The new well-being and care pathway places people at the centre of any plan of support. They will be able to get the solutions they need, when they need, following a proportionate assessment. No one will be lost. Residents who need statutory help and protection will be identified safely and in good time, and communities will be encouraged and invigorated to work more closely with the Council to shape the future of social care.