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I live in Xshire and my relative whom I care for lives in Ceredigion. How do I get services as a Carer?

As a carer you are entitled to services from Ceredigion County Council. There will need to be a "carer's assessment" undertaken and this will be done when you are visiting your relative. The assessment will identify the services that you need and how this will be done. Ceredigion County Council will be known as the ProviderAuthority.

But how can Ceredigion give me those services when I live so far away?

Depending what the assessment says, it could be that Xshire will provide the services you need and they will contact Ceredigion about all the administrative things. You will not need to bother about this. All you need is to know who will provide the services and when. Xshire Council will be known as the Host Authority.

How will I know what services are to be provided and can I contribute to the discussions?

As a carer you will be at the centre of any discussions. There is no point in trying to deliver services that mean nothing to you or don't address your needs. That being said this is not an open chequebook and some things may simply not be possible or feasible.

I have another relative who is disabled and lives very near me. How can I balance the needs of everybody concerned?

The whole point about carer's assessments is that the WHOLE situation is considered. Both Xshire and Ceredigion will need to be involved to ensure that the long-term situation is sustainable and is in the best interests of the carer.

How will I know what is supposed to be done and who is supposed to do it?

Neighbouring Councils will publish guidelines about this. You should contact Xshire Social Services (the number is in the phone book), or you can contact your local Citizens' Advice Bureau.

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