You will need to complete a referral form and submit it to the Supporting People Team.

Referral Form

Alternatively you can telephone the Supporting People Team on:


01545 570881


Supporting People
Cyngor Sir Ceredigion County Council,
Neuadd Cyngor Ceredigion,
SA46 0PA

If you telephone us you will be asked to provide basic details regarding the person requiring support, this will include full name, date of birth, address, postcode and telephone number; Ethnic Origin, Religion and a brief description of support need.

What happens after submitting a referral?

The referral is submitted to the appropriate provider who will contact the person being referred to arrange an assessment of the housing related support need. Once the assessment has been done the provider shall then:

  • Place you on a waiting list until support can start
  • Allocate a support worker to you and arrange a start date

A support plan is drawn up and agreed on service delivery by both parties.

Referrals for accommodation based services have specific referral routes which involve the referral going through an allocation panel. Any referrals meeting this need shall be passed through the appropriate channel for consideration of allocation to accommodation based services.

Accommodation Based Services

​A range of Housing Related Support Services that are available and include:

  • Direct Access and Emergency Accommodation
  • Temporary Supported Housing
  • Permanent Supported Housing
  • Services for Older People

All support services are provided by a range of organisations who offer support to meet the needs of different groups of people and can be found below:

Support Organisations

What support is not provided?

Support does not cover a domestic service or personal care, nor does it provide a transport or a shopping service.

Support is not intended as a general support service, it is intended to assist people to develop skills to carry out domestic tasks independently or to access other services.

When or why would support stop?

Support will stop if:

  • You or anyone in the house at the time of the visit becomes aggressive or abusive to support staff or others
  • You or anyone in the house at the time of the visit are under the influence of alcohol or drugs and they are unable to complete the planned objectives of the visit
  • It is judged there is a risk to support staff safety
  • You make it difficult for the support staff to carry out their role by involving other persons or behaving inappropriately
  • If you fail to engage in support
  • If all housing related support needs on your support plan have been met

What do I do if I am not happy with the service?

If you are not happy with how things are going, the following options are available:

In the first instance you may like to talk to the support worker, who may be able to resolve things quickly

  • If the problem is to do with the support worker or you prefer not to speak to them about it then you can speak to the Manager of your support provider who will look into your concerns and take any necessary action to resolve things
  • If you prefer you can speak to any member of the Supporting People team
  • If your problem is to do with the Supporting People team or you prefer not to speak to them then you may contact the Social Services Complaints Officer

How much does it cost for the service?

Most support provided through Supporting People is deemed as temporary and therefore free of charge to service users.

Other longer term services still have a support charge associated, such as all sheltered accommodation, local authority community alarms and group homes for people with learning disabilities. The cost of support depends on the type of service and the intensity of the support. Ability to meet the cost of support charges for these schemes is means-tested, so the support charge may be met by Supporting People Programme Grant.

Supporting People is a housing and tenancy related support programme funded with money from the National Assembly for Wales.

The main aim is to help people live successfully and independently in settled accommodation within the community. Support should enable and empower service users to cope with daily living tasks, social interactions, their health and well-being but focus on housing related issues. Support will be delivered within your own home or at the office of the Support Provider however this will be discussed with you (this is known as Floating Support).

There are other types of support linked to certain accommodation types (this is known as accommodation based services).

Who is eligible for housing related support?

The service is available to any vulnerable person in Ceredigion who requires a housing-related support service. You must already have a home or willing to work towards finding a place to live in order to receive a service.

You can check a list of eligible housing related support needs here:

Eligible Support Needs