Are you struggling to prepare a hot meal for yourself because of a disability, illness or frailty due to age?

Roast dinnerIf so - are you capable of putting a meal to reheat in the oven or microwave?

If the answer is YES - have you thought of the following options?

Supermarkets - most Supermarkets now stock a variety of ready prepared meals – both fresh and frozen – that you only have to reheat. If you or someone you know have access to the internet, many supermarkets now offer an on-line shopping service and the food will be delivered to your door.

Specialist Frozen meal companies – if you search on the internet there are several companies that offer a frozen meal delivery service. They cater for all tastes, diets and cultures.

Often these companies will send you a free brochure if you request one. One such company is Wiltshire Farm Foods (Customer Telephone Helpline 0800 0843460) and the link to their website is: Wiltshire Farm Foods

If the answer is NO then Ceredigion County Council may be able to offer you their Meals@Home service where a prime cooked meal will be delivered to your door.

The charge per meal is currently £7.20. A supper can also be delivered at the same time at an additional cost of £3.10. In order to access this service, you would need to have an assessment to see if you are eligible.

If you wish to be assessed for this service, then please telephone Porth Gofal on 01545 574000.

Regardless of whether you can or cannot prepare a meal, you may also wish to consider luncheon clubs:

Lunch Clubs

There are a variety of lunch clubs organised throughout the County where not only will you receive a hot meal but have an opportunity to socialise. Please click on the link to our Luncheon Clubs section for more information: Luncheon Clubs