Once you have been assessed as eligible to receive community care services from Social Services, we can either arrange services for you or you can choose to receive the payment and arrange the services yourself.

This is known as a direct payment and will give you more flexibility, control and choice in the care that you receive therefore allowing you to live as independently as possible.

Direct Payments can be used for short or long term needs but only for services that Social Services provide.

If you think that Direct Payments may be suitable for some of your care needs but not for others, you can have a mixture of Direct Payments and some services arranged by us.

Direct Payments are not a Department of Works and Pension benefit and will not affect your rights to such benefits nor are they classed as income for tax purposes.

Who can receive them?

Direct Payments can be offered to almost anyone who has been assessed as eligible to receive community care services. Once you have been assessed as requiring community care services, the assessor has a duty to offer you a direct payment.

The amount of money that you will get will depend on how much and what type of assistance you need. Your Care Plan will state how much support you need each week and how much you will be paid.

Will I have to contribute to the cost?

You may be asked to pay part of the cost towards your care. This will depend on the type of care you have been assessed as needing and may also depend on your income and savings. If you do have to pay, this will be the same amount, whether you have Direct Payments or choose to have services arranged by us.

Your assessor will be able to arrange a financial assessment for you to see what cost (if any), you have to pay towards your care.

Will I be supported to manage my Direct Payments?

From 1st April 2021, Ceredigion County Council Direct Payments Support Service will provide you with information, support as well as practical help with recruiting and employing staff, paying wages and helping with tax and National Insurance payments.

You may also receive help from family and friends.

If you choose to employ a personal assistant, the Care Council has developed an online toolkit which provides guidance, practice examples and practical tools. This will enable you to support your personal assistant to gain the skills they need to be confident and competent in their roles.

You can access the toolkit by visiting: www.paemployertoolkit.wales

If you were previously receiving support from Diverse Cymru, this support will now be provided by Ceredigion County Council Direct Payments Support Service.