The Blue Badge Scheme is a European arrangement of parking concessions for people who are disabled or who have severe walking difficulties or severe cognitive impairment.

A blue badge is available to both drivers and passengers. The European scheme is intended to allow badge holders (the person to whom the badge was issued), to park closer to their destination.

Who is eligible for the Blue Badge Scheme?

The eligibility criteria are divided into two groups. These are:

  1. People who are entitled to a badge without any further assessment - usually because they are already receiving certain state benefits. This is sometimes referred to as 'automatic' eligibility
  2. People who are entitled to a badge after a further assessment - usually people in this group are not receiving any of the state benefits and will need to provide evidence of their condition and how it affects their mobility

You can check if you are eligible on the Welsh Government Blue Badges: eligibility page.

You will need to complete an application form (the process is the same if you are applying for the first time or if you already have a blue badge).

This is a new service managed by GDS/, who are currently developing the language options. To complete your application in Welsh click on the Green start button and then select ‘Cymraeg’ from the bottom of the page in the grey panel."

Apply Online at GOV.UK

Alternatively you can telephone the Contact Centre on 01545 900333.

If you telephone us, the Contact Officer will ask for basic information regarding the person who will use the Badge. This will include full name, date of birth, address, postcode and telephone number.

You will then be sent out a Blue Badge pack (usually within a few days, but please allow a week before you ring again, to allow for postal delays). The pack will include an application form, guidance notes (on how to complete the application form) and a covering letter detailing what other items you will need to return.

Do I have to pay for a Blue Badge?

The Blue badges are currently free for individuals and £10 for Organisational Badges however there is a £10 charge for all replacement badges. The badge will be valid for three years from the date of issue unless your Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence Allowance ends before this date.

Do I need to supply evidence?

Yes, the onus is on you, the applicant, to provide evidence that you meet the eligibility criteria. If there are any costs in obtaining the evidence, the Local Authority is not able to help with these costs.

Suitable Evidence

What happens after I have sent my application in?

Once the Contact Centre has established your entitlement to a badge, the badge will be issued and sent out to you. Renewal Blue Badges are sent out approximately one week prior to your current badge expiring.

You will receive a receipt for any fee paid and a booklet (issued by the Welsh Government) detailing when and where you can use your Blue Badge.

Please note, Blue Badges are dealt with on a daily basis and will be sent to you as soon as possible.

We ask you to allow 4 weeks for us to process your application from the date we receive it. If however, you have concerns with the length of time your badge is taking to be processed, then please telephone the Contact Centre on: 01545 900333 who will advise you of where the delay lies.

The Blue Badge is not a licence to park anywhere. Please see the following page as to where you must not park.


  • If you park where it would cause an obstruction or danger to other road users your vehicle could be removed by the police. You could also be prosecuted and your badge withdrawn
  • Vehicles cannot legally be wheel clamped on the public highway for parking offences provided a valid Blue Badge is correctly displayed on the vehicle. But you should be aware that if you park improperly on privately owned land you may risk having your vehicle wheel clamped
  • The vehicle must be moved if a police officer or a traffic warden in uniform requests it

How to use the Badge

The Welsh Government has produced a leaflet on your responsibilities as a badge holder and how you should use the badge.

You will receive the leaflet when your badge is issued but you can also find a copy here:

How to use the Badge?

What can I do if the applicant is unable to sign the form?

Where possible, signatures should be of the person who is applying for the badge. If the applicant is aged less than ten years, the parent/guardian should sign. If the applicant is unable to sign due to a disability, they should make their usual mark that they use on cheques and other legal documents.

My Blue Badge has been refused, can I appeal?

There is no formal route of appeal, and your application has been carefully assessed in line with Welsh GovernmentToolkit therefore we can only reconsider our decision if you are supplying new evidence on medical conditions that you did not originally include in your application form or your condition has deteriorated.

Alternatively, six months should elapse before another application is submitted.

What can be done if the applicant is unable to get into a photo booth to have their photograph taken?

We need two recent passport size photographs (signed by the applicant on the reverse side and taken within the last 4 weeks). Alternatively, you can send in two recent ordinary or digital camera photographs where your facial features are clearly visible. If they are appropriate, we will cut these down to the correct size. If you are still unable to provide these, please telephone us on 01545 900333.

My Badge has expired, can I still use it while I wait for my new badge to be issued?

No, it is illegal to use an out of date badge and you must return it immediately to the Contact Team.

Do I have to use the badge in the same vehicle?

The badge can be used in any vehicle providing that the badge holder is present. However, the badge should not be used if the badge holder is to remain in the car and a non-disabled person gets out, even if they are only getting out on behalf of the badge holder.

Other concessions for Badge holders

Badge holders are exempted from tolls at certain river crossings. Further details of these concessions may be obtained by contacting the Welsh Government.

With the introduction of the European style Blue Badge, holders are able to take advantage of disabled motorists parking privileges wherever they are in the European Union.

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