Pupil Development Grant – Access

The Welsh Government have recently extended the Pupil Development Grant (PDG) element that replaced the old School Uniform Grant in 2018/19. The grant can be used to buy school uniform, equipment, sports kit and kit for activities outside of school for your child. For those attending a school in Ceredigion: Reception, Year 3 and Year 10 pupils who are eligible will receive £125, while Year 7 pupils who are eligible will receive £200.

It will be possible to submit applications from 4 September 2019 onwards (deadline for the 2019/20 academic year will be 31 December 2019), and looked-after children and learners eligible for free school meals will be eligible for this grant if they are:

  • entering Reception class (September only, i.e. those entering in January or April will become eligible the following September);
  • entering Year 3;
  • entering Year 7;
  • entering Year 10;
  • aged 4, 7, 11 or 14 (on 31 August 2019) in special schools, special needs resource bases or pupil referral units

In the first instance please complete an application form*

* Please ensure the applicant for the PDG is the same person that is the applicant for Free School Meals (where applicable)

Note: Applications for the grant are currently closed but will be opening soon.

Some further details, including the initial statement, can be found on the Welsh Government website.