The young people of Llandysul will embark on a new role at the end of this month as they join ‘Criw Cered’ – who are the volunteers of Cered: Welsh Language Initiative. The young people will assist with the organising of the concert ‘Llwybrau Robat Arwyn’ which is being held at Ysgol Bro Teifi on Saturday, 26 January at 7.30pm.

The purpose of ‘Criw Cered’ is to give young people the opportunity to volunteer in their community by contributing towards a range of activities including gigs, festivals, exhibitions and other events. The members of ‘Criw Cered’ gan contribute through a variety of ways – through sitting in on an events committee, taking care of artists, stewarding, selling tickets etc. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work together, make new friends and socialise.

‘Criw Cered’ have contributed towards events in the county including Gŵyl y Cynhaeaf (The Harvest Festival) in Cardigan. The aim is to extend the project this year by including volunteers of all ages by working with organisations and other festivals in the county.

Llywelyn Jones, who is the chief organiser of the ‘Llwybrau Robat Arwyn’ concert said, “It’s fantastic to see Cered’s volunteers helping with the concert. I do not have enough words to express my gratitude towards the volunteers. It will be a great opportunity for them to develop their communication skills, leadership skills and working in a team, and this through the medium of Welsh.”

For tickets, please contact Cered on 01545 572350. Tickets are also for sale in Awen Teifi, Siop Ffab, Siop Inc, Masnachdy Felinfach and the Post Van.