Ceredigion Actif have recently delivered a very successful Young Ambassador training session for young leaders with an impairment.

As a silver insport county council department, Ceredigion Actif are committed to ensuring all their programmes are designed and delivered with inclusion in mind. The Young Ambassador programme provides opportunities for pupils with an impairment to be involved as leaders in an open environment. This happens alongside pupils without an impairment or in a specific environment where the training has been adapted to equip leaders with the skills to deliver activities to their peers.

Development Officer Gemma Cutter said: “Ceredigion deliver a fully inclusive Young Leadership programme where there is a genuine opportunity for all young people to be involved in an environment that they are most comfortable with. The impact that this programme has on young people is incredible. We know that young people feel more confident, are participating in physical activity more frequently and are now attending additional opportunities available to them.”

This approach gives all pupils with an impairment an opportunity to be a part of the Young Ambassador programme and to train and deliver activities in an environment appropriate for them.