A proposed solution to a long running land dispute will see the Strand Quayside in Cardigan renovated if negotiations are successful.

The solution was approved by Ceredigion County Council’s Cabinet on 10 July 2018. The Strand Quayside has been in a state of dis-repair for a number of years, being both unsightly and a danger to public access.

The solution looks to find a way forward in a complicated situation concerning a historic land dispute between the Council and the Welsh Government and an anomaly regarding the riverbed between the Council and the Crown Estate.

The solution developed by Council Development Team Officers proposes that the Council buys the site from Welsh Government for a nominal sum, whilst simultaneously tendering the lease of the property to the private sector on a 30 year lease. This lease will include conditions to undertake basic renovation work to improve the appearance of the site within two years, and to confine uses to leisure and tourism purposes.

The acquisition of the quayside will only be made if a satisfactory bid is received to take on the leasehold from a third party noting that any offer will reflect the works required to improve the appearance of the site. A variation on the Crown Estates foreshore lease will be negotiated to enable economic use of the quayside.

The Cabinet member responsible for Economy and Regeneration, Councillor Rhodri Evans said, “Now that the Cabinet has approved the solution proposed by officers, I hope that we can go forward and work proactively with partners to provide residents and visitors with a pleasant riverside feature that will also support Cardigan’s economy.”

The decision to approve the solution supports the Council’s corporate priorities of boosting the economy and promoting environmental and community resilience.