The Rhydeinon Household Waste site will remain open for three days per week following a Cabinet decision and public consultation. New opening hours will see the site open to the public on Wednesday and will be open for extended hours on Saturday and Sunday.

The decision was made after the public consultation found that 93% of people would continue to use the Rhydeinon site if its hours were reduced.

Ceredigion County Council currently provides four Household Waste Sites. The household waste site near Aberystwyth serves the North of the county and the site near Cardigan serves the South. The Rhydeinon Household Waste Site is one of two sites that serve the middle of the county.

At a meeting in April 2018, the Cabinet agreed to extend the contract for the operation of the Rhydeinon Household Waste Site to 30 November, so that options could be considered for the site’s future. The decision was made in the context of increasing annual costs, a reduction in a Welsh Government grant and the need for the service to make £500,000 of savings due to broader pressures on Council budgets.

The Cabinet member responsible for Highways and Environmental Services, Councillor Dafydd Edwards said, “The Council needs to strike a difficult balance between maintaining quality and valuable service for residents with managing the severe financial pressures caused by cuts to Council budgets in the last few years. This decision allows the Council to make some savings but keep Rhydeinon open. This will allow us to look again at household waste sites generally during the review of the Waste Management Strategy.”

The Waste Management Strategy review will begin later in the year and will look at all aspects of the Council’s waste management services.