On 28 June, Stuart Evans will be retiring from Ceredigion Museum after 43 years.

Stuart joined the museum as an attendant in 1976, when the museum was still located in Vulcan Street, but quickly became its technician and displays designer. He began his museum career under the direction of Dr Owen, the first Curator, and Stuart has fond memories of travelling around Ceredigion with Dr Owen in his mini clubman, sometimes returning to the museum with unfeasibly large objects on its roof rack.

The museum quickly outgrew the terraced house in Vulcan Street. Stuart was instrumental in the move to the Coliseum in 1982. A year later, Stuart met HRH Prince Charles when he visited the award-winning Coliseum conversion.

Stuart Evans said, “It’s a career that has been filled with such a variety of wonderful opportunities and so many fascinating people. I couldn’t have invented a better job for myself. When people asked me when I was younger what I wanted to be, little did I think I would be working in an Edwardian theatre, a stones throw from a beautiful beach in mid Wales, looking after fascinating historic objects. Forty years seem have to whizzed by.”

There have been many highlights to Stuart’s career, including curating the permanent displays, conserving many of the exhibits, including the precious toll boards at New Quay harbour, designing award winning products for the museum shop and working with community groups to extend the impact of the museum.

Carrie Canham, the current Curator said, “We are all going to miss Stuart very much at the Museum; he’s been here so long he’s almost part of the collection! He’s got an amazing knowledge of the objects and has contributed greatly to exhibitions, looking after the objects, education, outreach – in fact, I can’t think of a single aspect of the Museum that he hasn’t supported with his expertise, skill and artistry. He also has the funniest stories to tell in the tea room!”