A performance report outlining progress towards reaching Ceredigion County Council’s Well-being and Improvement Objectives will be considered by the Council’s Cabinet and Full Council in October 2018.

The Well-being and Improvement Objectives for 2017-18 included;
• to create opportunities to improve the local economy and job prospects through sustainable communities;
• promoting individual and community resilience for adults
• to improve families’ and children’s outcomes in terms of their wellbeing, health and their ability to reach their educational potential;
• to improve the availability of safe, affordable homes and safer communities
• to maximise the benefits of our culture and environment to develop a sustainable future.

The report notes the Council’s assessment of progress against three objectives as good and two as satisfactory.

The Growing Mid Wales Partnership is helping the Council reach objectives related to improving the local economy and job prospects with significant progress towards securing a Growth Deal for the region.

The report also notes the implementation of early intervention and prevention measures as the development of Integrated Services involving the third sector and community services is progressed and good progress is reported on the improvement of the Counties housing stock.

Councillor Ellen ap Gwynn, Leader of the Council with responsibility for Policy and Performance, Partnerships and Democratic Services said “I am pleased that the Council continues to deliver against its priorities despite the reducing budgets. The Council must continue to drive forward the agenda of Growing Mid Wales to attract inward investment and boost the economy for the County as well as implementing integrated services to ensure that our citizens continue to receive the best outcomes now and in the future.”

The Ceredigion Museum ‘New Approaches’ project has greatly increased public access and appreciation for Ceredigion’s social and cultural heritage during the year winning the UK wide Creative and Cultural Skills Award 2018 for ‘Museums and Heritage’.

The Council is in the early stages of delivery against the Corporate Priorities identified in the Corporate Strategy 2017-2022. The priorities are Boosting the Economy, Investing in People’s Future, Enabling Individual and Family Resilience and Promoting Environmental and Community Resilience.