New template signs and floor stencils have been created to help improve waste presentation in bin compounds around Ceredigion.

Ceredigion County Council’s Waste Services Team developed the templates following research into a successful signage pilot scheme run by Resource London.

The new signs provide examples of what should and shouldn’t be put in the different waste streams e.g. clear recycling, food waste, glass and non-recyclable black bag waste. Floor stencils have also been created to mark the different sections where each bin is kept to make it easier to identify where waste needs to be placed.

The project is delivered as part of Caru Ceredigion whereby everyone can play their part in having a positive influence on issues which are important to them, their communities and environment.

These templates can be used as a resource for any business or residents’ waste storage facilities and are available to download from the Caru Ceredigion section of the Council’s website.

MS Properties property managers based in Aberystwyth volunteered to take part in the pilot scheme at one of their bin storage facilities where there had been recurring issues of contamination.

An improvement was seen at the initial bin compound where the new signs were used. MS Properties have adopted the signs in bin storage areas for other properties that they manage and have continued to see improvements at every site.

Josh Ballard-Williams, Director at MS Properties said: “Bin Compounds have previously been a constant headache which has required weekly and in some cases daily management. Since working with the Council on the signage pilot scheme we have seen a great improvement. We are finding the signage very clear and occupants are now using the correct bins for their waste, due to this we have also seen an increase in the amount of recycling being done.  After success at this large compound, we adopted the signs to use in a smaller bin store in the town centre. This has been extremely successful. We are seeing less contaminated waste, glass bottle recycling, food waste and general recycling have also increased. We will be being rolling this out in other bin stores in the New Year.”

Research shows that effective recycling is achieved when residents have the correct information, find it sufficiently easy and are motivated by positive experiences.

"Even with the best intentions we can all do with a reminder of what can and can’t be placed in the clear recycling bag or the food waste container and what bin to place the correct waste in. These clear and visible signs and stencils are a compliment to our existing waste collection information we have and provide clear advice for tenants; helping to reduce potential contamination and increase recycling.

"We’d like to see these signs being used across bin storage facilities throughout the county; the more consistent and visible the message the easier it is to recycle successfully.”

Councillor Dafydd EdwardsContact

The Waste Services Team would love to hear from anyone who wishes to use the new templates. To get in touch, email with the title ‘Bin Storage Facilities Signage Pilot’ or call 01545 570881.