Workshops were held recently with the Welsh beatboxer Mr Phormula at Penparcau and Aberaeron Youth Club, organised by Cered: Menter Iaith Ceredigion along with Ceredigion Youth Service.

Mr Phormula is one of the pioneers of the beatboxing scene, and is known for collaborating with some hip – hop legends across the UK. With 13 years of experience working in an educational environment, he is keen to support children's development including teaching them new skills and building confidence.

The evening was a fantastic opportunity for the young people to utilize the Welsh language differently to everyday language. They were given a number of different opportunities to beatbox to various genres of music and styles.

Rhodri Francis, Cered Development Officer, said “It was great to see the young people enjoying beat-boxing through the Welsh language with Mr Phormula. It was also an opportunity for the children to learn new skills and gain confidence by doing a fantastic activity.”

Lowri Evans, Deputy Chief Officer for Ceredigion Youth Service said, “Club members are very interested in taking part and listening to the different things Mr Phormula can create on a microphone. It's completely new! This also helps club members with their confidence in Welsh. It is great to develop a relationship and work with Cered, one of our main partnerships across the county.”

For further details on the various activities Ceredigion Youth Service offers, contact their office on 01545 572352 or If you would like to contact Cered: Menter Iaith Ceredigion, call 01545 572350 or e-mail