Working parents of three and four-year-old children are being urged to apply via the online registration form for the funded Childcare Offer ahead of the September launch in Ceredigion.

The offer of Welsh Government funded childcare is available for eligible working parents and guardians of three and four-year-old children for up to 30 hours per week and will be available for up to 48 weeks of the year. The Childcare Offer is a combination of funded childcare and early years education.

Generally, parents and guardians eligible for the scheme work a minimum of 16 hours per week, however, arrangements are in place for seasonal workers and those who are self-employed.

The Cabinet Member responsible for Learning Services, Councillor Catrin Miles said, “I urge parents and guardians in Ceredigion to go to the Council’s website to see if they are eligible for the Childcare Offer and then of course to register! The Offer is launching in Ceredigion on 1 September and the Council wants to see as many residents as possible making use of this valuable opportunity.”

Parents and guardians who want to learn more about the Offer and register for funded childcare should visit the Council’s website on: