In a council meeting on 13 December 2018, the council approved a No Casino Resolution. The resolution will be in place until 2022.

Under the Gambling Act 2005, the council needs to decide every three years if it will accept or reject casinos in the county. The council has previously rejected the option to accept applications for casinos in Ceredigion.

The Ceredigion County Council Cabinet member responsible for Public Protection Services, Councillor Gareth Lloyd said, “We have renewed the ‘No Casinos Resolution’ to minimise the damage that problem gambling can cause to individuals and families. This won’t fix problem gambling in Ceredigion by itself, but it is one important step that we can take to limit the terrible effects that problem gambling can cause.”

The resolution is part of a broader Gambling Policy which regulates many aspects of gambling within the county. The policy was also approved in the council meeting. A six-week consultation was held earlier in the year on the draft policy. The responses to the consultation were considered before producing a final policy.