In the New Year, there will be an opportunity for people living in North Ceredigion and beyond to learn the ukulele through the medium of Welsh on an 8 week course for beginners called ‘Iwcadwli i Ddechreuwyr’. The course is run by Cered at Aberystwyth Arts Centre.

On completion of the course it will be possible to join the highly popular Iwcadwli ukulele orchestra and perform across the area.

Since establishing Iwcadwli in October 2018 Iwcadwli has gone from strength to strength with individuals from contrasting backgrounds coming together to learn the ukulele and to socialise in Welsh. Over the last year, Iwcadwli have performed regularly across North Ceredigion and have charmed audiences of all sorts with their cheery renditions of Welsh classics.

Responding to demand, Cered held a crash course for beginners over the last couple of months and 15 completed the course. As a result, the number of members in the orchestra has risen to 35 and there is demand yet again for another beginners course.

In addition to providing tuition to learn to play the ukulele, one of the main aims of Iwcadwli is to provide an alternative and contemporary way for Welsh learners. This provides a way to meet and converse with fluent speakers as well as to have an introduction to Welsh music of all kinds.

The course tutor is Steffan Rees who as well as being Cered’s Community Development Officer, is also a guitarist and ukulele player with the local Welsh bands Bwca and Ffion Evans. He said, “Iwcadwli has proven to be a local phenomenon. We have some real jokers in the orchestra and we have so much fun every week. How about making a New Years’ Resolution and learn the ukulele with us?”

The 8 week course will start on Wednesday 8 January from 6:00pm until 7:30pm at Aberystwyth Arts Centre. You do not need to bring your own ukulele to the first lesson as there will be ones to borrow and to try out before investing in your own one. The price of the course is £24.

In order to register for the course, visit the Arts Centre Box Office or call 01970 623 232. For more information contact Cered at or 01545 572 350.