A new plan has been approved to improve footpaths and bridleways in Ceredigion. The Rights of Way Improvement Plan (ROWIP) was approved in a Cabinet meeting on 4 June 2019.

The ROWIP is the main way that councils have to identify, prioritise and plan for improvements to their local rights of way network. This includes improving paths and routes for walkers, cyclists, horse riders and people who have accessibility issues.

Councillor Rhodri Evans is the Cabinet member responsible for Economy and Regeneration. He said, “Council staff maintain a huge network of footpaths and bridleways across Ceredigion. The Rights of Way Improvement Plan is a valuable tool to guide them in targeting certain paths and informing grant funded bids.”

“The path network in Ceredigion means residents and visitors can walk, cycle or travel on horseback to interesting and beautiful places across the county. We have the Public Rights of Way Team and their plan to thank for that.”

A three-month consultation was held on the draft ROWIP in Autumn 2018. A number of people, community councils and other groups responded to the consultation. The ROWIP was also taken to the Local Access Forum who confirmed their support for the plan. The new plan will be published online on the council’s website and in hardcopy kept in council offices and libraries.

The council has a legal duty to review plans every 10 years. The previous plan was approved in 2008.