A new Area School will be built in the Aeron Valley after Ceredigion County Council approved a proposal to build it.

The new school will provide modern facilities and equipment for primary age pupils in the Aeron Valley.

The new school will lead to the closure of three primary schools in the Aeron Valley. Ciliau Parc, Felinfach and Dihewyd primary schools will close at the end of August 2022.

Councillor Catrin Miles is the Cabinet member responsible for Learning Services. She said, “This decision shows our commitment to providing high quality education with modern facilities. Children of the Aeron Valley will flourish with new friends and opportunities. I’m sure a happy and close-knit community will soon develop on the new campus. It will be a rich addition to the Aeron Valley.

“The area schools that have already been opened in Ceredigion are having great success and serve the children and communities excellently. I’m sure the Aeron Valley Area School will be no exception.”

The decision to close the existing primary schools and open the Area School was made after extensive consultation with communities in the Aeron Valley. The new school is expected to open in September 2022.