In a meeting on 18 July, an Action Plan and Annual Statement on Modern Slavery was recommended for final approval.

Ceredigion County Council’s Coordinating Overview and Scrutiny Committee recommended that the Cabinet approves the Action Plan and Annual Statement that has been prepared following the Council’s adoption of a Modern Slavery Policy.

The Policy comprises an integrated approach bringing together key areas of safeguarding, human resources, procurement and civil contingencies.

The Council’s Anti-Slavery and Ethical Employment Champion, Councillor Lyndon Lloyd MBE said, “Modern Slavery is often seen as an urban problem, but it can happen in any community and we can’t be complacent. I’m confident that the Action Plan means the Council is taking meaningful steps towards tackling a terrible crime and supporting the vulnerable people who may be affected”.

Modern Slavery involves the movement, coercion and exploitation of vulnerable adults and children. Types of exploitation include labour exploitation, sexual exploitation, criminal exploitation, domestic servitude and organ harvesting. In 2016, there were 123 potential victims of modern slavery reported in Wales. 17% of those reported were children. It is estimated that there could be 10,000 to 13,000 victims of modern slavery in the UK.