The Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs) to address alcohol related Anti-Social Behaviour have been extended for another three years in three town centres in Ceredigion.

It was confirmed during a Council meeting held virtually on 10 September 2020 that the restrictions, prohibiting the consumption of alcohol in the designated areas within town centres, will continue until 2023, in order to address anti-social behaviour. The towns in question include Aberystwyth, Cardigan and Lampeter.

The current PSPOs, were introduced in 2017 and are due to expire in October this year and since their introduction, they have had a positive impact on reducing alcohol related anti-social and intimidating behaviour. As a result, it has been confirmed that the PSPOs will be renewed, taking effect from 20 October 2020 until 19 October 2023, and public notices will be displayed to advise members of the public of the extension. The Public Space Protection Orders makes it an offence should a person fail to comply with a request from a Police Officer or an authorised Officer to not consume alcohol, or refuses to surrender alcohol to the officer within the designated area.

Aberystwyth and Cardigan also form part of the Safe Zones in Ceredigion where businesses are serving food and drink outside due to current Covid-19 restrictions. Specific consent has been given to some licenced premises to serve alcohol outside within a given area. This means that alcohol can legally be consumed within the area of consent, but a person will not be able to leave that area with their drink as they would then be subject to enforcement under the PSPO.

Councillor Catherine Hughes, Cabinet Member for Porth Ceredigion, Early Intervention, Well-being Hubs and Culture, said: “Our towns are welcoming, thriving and safe places for people of all ages and backgrounds. Extending the Public Space Protection Orders will allow officers to control instances of alcohol related anti-social behaviour, crime, and harassment should they arise in these public areas. We are grateful for all the great work achieved so far to ensure Ceredigion’s towns are safe and inviting places.”

The orders and accompanying maps are available to view on Ceredigion County Council’s website.