A FREE one-day mature driver course aimed at drivers who are 65 years old or older will be held on 28 February, 7 March and 22 March.

The course will be held in Aberystwyth between 10am and 4pm for each of the dates.

The course will give participants the opportunity to learn from the expertise of experienced Road Safety professionals and fully qualified Approved Driving Instructors. The course aims to enhance existing skills and knowledge while introducing ideas such as dealing with stressful situations, and planning for the future to keep mature drivers driving safely for longer.

Geraldine, who previoulsy attended the course said, “Thank you so much to all concerned for this opportunity to get back into the driving seat. Prior to the day of the course I had not driven since early 2013 following an accident which resulted in broken limbs. I kept telling myself that it was not a good idea to let my husband always drive, but it was the course that kick-started me into action and gave me the confidence to get back behind the wheel.”

The course is not a test. It consists of a group based discussions which are led by a presentation, before having an opportunity to drive with an Approved Driving Instructor.

Councillor Alun Williams, Cabinet Member with respsonsibility for Adult Services and is the Members’ Champion for 50+ said, “Our county has many rural areas and the ability to continue driving as we mature, is vital for many residents of Ceredigion, to maintain an independent way of living. As we get older, it’s often a good idea to look again at our driving, and consider if a refresher course could be useful. Why not take up this perfect opportunity, it’s free and takes only a day to complete.”

Participants don’t need to bring a car to the session as a car will be provided by the instructors.
Contact Kayleigh Tonkins, Road Safety Officer by calling 01545 570881 or emailing clic@ceredigion.gov.uk for further information about the course and to reserve a space.

The course is being held by Ceredigion County Council, with funding from Welsh Government.