The message remains clear in Ceredigion – there will be no changes to the restrictions, and the next three weeks are vital for the county.

So far, Ceredigion residents have done a great job to keep the number of coronavirus cases low in the county, by staying home and following the guidelines.

In line with the guidance announced on Friday by the First Minister of Wales, Mark Drakeford, the lockdown will remain in Wales. People must continue to stay at home, keep a 2m social distance from others, and wash their hands frequently for 20 seconds. A minor amendment includes allowing people to exercise more than once daily, but this must be done locally, without any unnecessary travel.

The lockdown restrictions differ slightly across the four nations of the UK, depending on the rate of infection. Therefore, it is crucial that people do not travel across the border into Wales to exercise, and fines will continue to be authorized for any non-essential travel.

At this time, we’re at our most vulnerable and the next three weeks are crucial for Ceredigion. Ceredigion has a high percentage of elderly population and we must continue to work together to protect them. The low infection rates are a result of the massive efforts made by Ceredigion residents. However, due to these low rates, we’ve got limited resilience which makes us all vulnerable.

By recognising the instruction that the lockdown will continue in Wales, over the next three weeks, Libraries and Household Waste Sites in Ceredigion will remain closed.

If we can keep doing what we’ve been doing so far, we’ll hopefully be able to ride the wave and continue to protect the residents of Ceredigion.

But we need everyone’s help in doing so. Thank you for staying home, only going out if it’s essential. This will ensure that all the good work won’t be undone.

Therefore, the message remains: stay home, save lives.