Ceredigion County Council’s Work Welsh Pilot Scheme was launched at a special event on Friday, 10 August at Shwmae Caerdydd at the Pierhead Building, on the National Eisteddfod field. A group of Welsh learners from the Council attended the Eisteddfod to be part of the launch.

The pilot scheme is to appoint Huw Owen, a Work Welsh Training Officer who will plan and provide a programme of intensive Welsh courses and informal learning opportunities tailored to the specific needs of the Council’s staff. The scheme is funded by the National Centre for Learning Welsh.

Leader of Ceredigion County Council with responsibility for Welsh Language Standards, Councillor Ellen ap Gwynn said, “We, as a Council, are very pleased to see this new development in the Work Welsh Scheme. The appointment of an internal Work Welsh Training Officer in the Council will be a great way of supporting our learners on their journey towards fluency. It will also strengthen the Council’s Welsh provision internally and in our interaction with the public.”

Efa Gruffudd Jones, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Learning Welsh, spoke about the importance of Work Welsh provision in the Centre’s work, “The Work Welsh scheme is an integral part of the National Centre for Learning Welsh’s ambitions and the work already accomplished by Ceredigion County Council has laid excellent foundations for this exciting next step. We look forward to seeing the project developing – it’s already clear from the Council staff’s positive responses to the provision of intensive classes that the Training Officer will be very busy when the teaching term starts in September!”

The event was arranged in cooperation with Gomer Press and the launch of D. Geraint Lewis’ book, DIY Welsh, a step-by-step guide for students of all levels on how to construct Welsh sentences.