Beginning in October, both residents and people who work in Ceredigion will be able to submit their views through Facebook on an agenda item for Scrutiny committees.

The role of Overview and Scrutiny is to look at the services and issues that affect people in Ceredigion. The Overview and Scrutiny committees oversee the work of the Council; making sure it delivers services in the best way and for the benefit of the local community.

Councillor Elizabeth Evans is Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Co-ordinating Committee. She said: “People can already submit their views by emailing our Scrutiny Team. However, we would like to get more people involved in sharing their views and be part of the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny process.”

Three working days before each Overview and Scrutiny committee meeting, the agenda will be posted on the Council’s Facebook pages. Views on the specific agenda items can be sent in as a direct message and will be presented at the meeting*

Elizabeth Evans continued: “You can follow the Council on Facebook on @CSCeredigion, our Welsh page and @CeredigionCC for our English page. We want to ensure that you, the residents are at the heart of our policies and services.”

Scrutiny plays an essential role in promoting accountability, efficiency and effectiveness in the Council's decision-making process and the way in which it delivers services.

If you would like to present your views on an upcoming item on the Overview and Scrutiny agenda, submit a written request to speak to the Scrutiny team as soon as possible, and no later than midday two working days before the next committee meeting. A written request can be made by e-mailing or by post to: Overview and Scrutiny, Democratic Services, Ceredigion County Council, Penmorfa, Aberaeron, SA46 0PA.

There’s a list of what the committees are going to be considering on the Council’s website.

*Refer to the Council Website for further information relating to the Overview and Scrutiny Public Engagement Protocol.