Your views are sought on a food and beverage trial that was held during the summer on Aberystwyth Promenade.

A survey is now open by Ceredigion County Council on the Food and Beverage trial which was held on the Aberystwyth Promenade during the summer of 2019.

Feedback is welcome from all Promenade users both local and visitors, as well as from Traders who took part in the trial or who are interested in it.

Go to the Council’s website to complete the survey, ‘Aberystwyth Promenade Food & Beverage Trial, Public / Traders Feedback Questionnaire’

Councillor Rhodri Evans is the Cabinet member with responsibility for Economy and Regeneration. He said, “Food and beverages sales were trialled on Aberystwyth Promenade during the summer. We are interested in the experience of the public, including local people and visitors alike, who experienced the trial. We would also like to hear from Traders. Without them, we would not be able to carry out such an experiment. We look forward to reading the response so we can consider and implement any changes necessary to improve the experience in future years.”

The survey is open until Friday, 24 January 2020.