New guidance and support is published in light of recent changes to the restrictions and closure of holiday accommodation provisions, detailing some specific exceptions.

Coronavirus restrictions have required businesses operating holiday sites and accommodation in Ceredigion to close their premises, or cease providing the service during the emergency period, subject to certain exceptions. These types of holiday accommodation include camping sites, hotels, bed and breakfast, holiday apartments, hostels and boarding houses.

An exception to the requirement to close exists where persons already staying in the accommodation at the time when the requirements came into force were unable to return to their main residence, or were using the accommodation as their main residence. Businesses should be satisfied that the exceptions are appropriately applied and, if in doubt, seek advice from Ceredigion County Council’s Public Protection Team. This particular exemption does not apply to holiday and camping sites.

Since 24 March 2020, persons responsible for holiday and camping sites have been required to use their best endeavours to require any person staying on their site to vacate. Best endeavours would include taking positive steps to ask people to vacate the premises. If the business is not satisfied that there is a credible, compelling and evidenced reason for people remaining on the site, then they should ask them to leave, or contact the Public Protection Team in Ceredigion County Council for advice.

Ceredigion County Council may request that businesses provide accommodation for key workers and for other specified purposes. If a business is asked to provide accommodation beyond the exceptions above, then it must ensure that it receives an exemption certificate from Ceredigion County Council detailing the purpose for, and extent to, which it may remain open. Businesses may apply for an exemption certificate by sending an email request to the Public Protection team on or through the Clic Ceredigion Customer Contact Centre on 01545 570881.

Any businesses that are currently accommodating key workers and have not yet been requested by the Authority to remain open for that purpose are urged to contact the Public Protection Team for further advice immediately.

For clarity, unless businesses in Ceredigion have been specifically requested by Welsh Ministers or by the Ceredigion Local Authority to stay open, they must remain CLOSED. Persons responsible for carrying on businesses (including owners, proprietors and managers) will be subject to enforcement action if they fail to comply with the restrictions. The options available include prosecution, which can result in unlimited fines on conviction.

The closure requirements only apply to businesses offering holiday accommodation and do not affect privately occupied homes and accommodation.

Further Welsh Government guidance is available here