Did you know that since 1 April 2018 Ceredigion County Council has provided free food waste caddy liners to households in Ceredigion?

You can collect them from Council Cash Offices, Libraries, Tourist Information Centres and some independent shops across the county. Replacement food waste containers can also be collected from Council cash offices.

Jonathan Merrett, Superintendent for the waste collection crews at the Penrhos depot, near Llandysul, explains the importance of using the liners, “Our waste collection crews do a fantastic job, working tirelessly throughout the year to try to ensure that everyone’s waste is collected. I know that most residents really appreciate what we do and will try to help us to do our jobs. One simple way residents can help is to use the free liners that the Council provides. As you can imagine, it can be very unpleasant for our crews to have to empty bins where caddy liners haven’t been used. We thank all the residents who’ve started to take advantage of the free liners and our crews have a supply of these to offer out to residents who need more.”

The council collects all the food waste and sends it to an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility for treatment. Electricity produced at the AD facility during the treatment process is exported to the national grid. In a year enough electricity is produced from Ceredigion’s food waste to power about 300 homes. A slurry-like material is also produced and this is spread as fertilizer on farmland near to the treatment facility.

Councillor Dafydd Edwards, Cabinet Member with responsibility for Environmental Services said, “The Council takes the local, national and global environment very seriously. I urge residents to make the most of the free liners. About 40% of the county’s food waste still gets thrown into black bin bags, this costs the service twice as much to deal with as food waste put in the food waste bin. So by putting all your food waste in the food waste containers we can all help the environment, reduce costs and make our waste collection crews jobs more pleasant. It’s a great service and the free liners makes it easy to use.”

Don’t forget, all the following can go into your food waste caddy: unpackaged cooked or uncooked food; fruit and vegetables; meat and fish bones and carcasses; dairy products; tea bags and coffee grounds; egg shells; any outdated food waste; bread and pastries; any leftover food; small amounts of vegetable oil; tissues, paper towels and kitchen towels.

For more information on where to pick up the free food waste liners or replacement food waste containers www.ceredigion.gov.uk/resident/bins-recycling/waste-collection-service or contact us on 01545 570 881.