Dewis Cymru has an online Wales-wide directory that Ceredigion residents can use to find a wealth of resources and opportunities in the County.

Dewis Cymru is a directory that hosts a range of opportunities, events and services in the community. Organisations, communities and members of the public can use Dewis Cymru to let people know about what is available in their area.

For example; a friendship group may hold a virtual coffee morning or a community group might organise a walk in their local area for those wanting an opportunity exercise in the outdoors. Any kind of event or resource can be placed on Dewis Cymru, once approved by a Dewis Cymru Editor. The Council, voluntary and third sector groups can also place details of the resources and services they offer on Dewis Cymru.

Find out more about Dewis Cymru on the Council’s website.

To search for services and resources available in your local area, visit the Dewis Cymru website.