On 25 October, Ceredigion County Council supported a motion recognising the WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) campaign.

The motion acknowledges that the 5,000 Ceredigion women affected by changes to state pension laws face challenges in making ends meet.

The Leader of the Council, Councillor Ellen ap Gwynn proposed the motion. It was seconded by Councillor Clive Davies.

The Council motion understands that WASPI women don’t want the state pension age lowered, but ask for fair transitional state pension arrangements for all women affected by the state pension laws.

Councillor ap Gwynn said, “This motion, and the campaign more broadly aims to get fairness for everyone. The campaign doesn’t ask that women are treated more favourably than men. It asks that the change is made in a better way that doesn’t unfairly treat women born in the 1950s.”

The Council agreed to support the campaign and make representations on behalf of Ceredigion women to the UK Government.