The Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) has praised the innovative approach to planning in Ceredigion. The institute has also encouraged other council’s to use similar practices.

In their report on chief planning officers, the RTPI has called on councils to make sure that planners are represented on the top table of decision making. A recent survey carried out by the RTPI has shown that planning teams have been marginalised in recent years.

Ceredigion County Council is used as an example of councils that prioritise the planning process at an early stage of economic and service developments. The report also praises that the Chief Planning Officer is a Lead Officer in the council. This means that planning has an influence at an early stage of projects in the county.

Councillor Rhodri Evans is the Cabinet member responsible for Economy and Regeneration, which includes the Planning Section. He said, “It’s important for us to involve the Planning Section at the start of our projects. By doing this we make sure that projects develop in a thoughtful way that meets the needs of residents and communities.”

“I’m pleased that the RTPI has singled us out for good practice. Our planning staff work hard with colleagues across the council to help Ceredigion develop positively in the future. The praise must go to them for their hard work.”

The council’s decision to prioritise the planning process shows how the council is working to reach its corporate priorities of boosting the economy and Promoting Environmental and Community Resilience.