Rodents can cause a lot of damage, cost money and cause concern for many. In response to these concerns, the Council has invested in underground camera technology for infestations, where Community Wardens will be able to identify defects in drains and identify potential points of entry where rodents are entering properties from the drains.

Ceredigion County Council’s Corporate Lead Officer for Policy and Performance, Alun Williams said, “Much of the work of our Community Wardens takes place at business premises, such as farms, where there is usually a ready supply of food, which attracts vermin like rats. Indeed our two officers, Nigel and Roy have just taken part in a TV documentary, ‘DRYCH: Pla’ on their work, which can be viewed now on BBC iPlayer.

“Our Community Wardens already have a wealth of knowledge on rodents, their behaviour and the type of environment that they flourish in. They are very experienced in dealing with infestations, in particular on farms, where they ensure rats are kept under control in over 100 farms across Ceredigion.

“With changes in the law in regards to Rodenticide regulations, people need to be aware that the type of pest control products that can be bought over the counter are simply not as strong as what they used to be. Our Community Wardens use the necessary pest control products to ensure the pest issue is resolved and provide a high standard of service.”

If you think that you may have a pest issue, don’t let it fester. Contact Clic, the Council’s Customer Services Contact centre on 01545 570 881 or use the online contact form on the Council’s website. Your issue will be logged and directed to the Community Wardens to deal with. The Community Wardens aim to visit residents within three days of receiving their call. Residents are welcome to phone and receive advice for free from the Community Wardens.

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