The new Ceredigion Public Toilet Strategy will focus on making public toilets in Ceredigion sustainable for the future and accessible to use.

The strategy gives a 10-year framework for providing public toilets in the county. It was approved by Ceredigion County Council’s Cabinet on 30 July 2019.

Under the strategy, public toilets will be made financially and environmentally sustainable. Following years of cuts to council budgets across the UK, some public toilets will now charge people to use them. This will provide the income needed to make sure that people have public toilets across the county.

The strategy aims to improve the quality of public toilets and to make them as accessible as possible to people who have disabilities and limited mobility.

Councillor Rhodri Evans is the Cabinet member responsible for Economy and Regeneration. He said, “The reality is that it’s getting harder for the council to keep public toilets open. Cuts to budgets for years mean we have to look at different ways of doing things. The strategy will make sure that public toilets stay in the communities that need them and can easily be used by people who have different needs.

The Cabinet decision supports the council’s corporate priorities of Investing in People’s Futures and Promoting Environmental and Community Resilience.