A progress report has shown that air quality in Ceredigion continues to rank with the best in Wales on the basis of three Welsh Government air quality indicators. The report was approved by the council’s Cabinet on 28 January 2020.

Air quality is monitored in Ceredigion for four of the key air pollutants and results are compared with national and European standards and objectives.

The report shows that all current statutory Air Quality Standards and Objectives at all locations in Ceredigion have been complied with and no areas need further management. Trends show that concentrations of some of the main air pollutants are falling in the county.

Gareth Lloyd is the Cabinet member responsible for Public Protection. He said, “People visit Ceredigion for its beautiful landscapes and fresh air so it’s great to have proof that Ceredigion has some of the best air quality in Wales.”  

The council has reduced its carbon emissions by 42% since 2008, saving the council £4 million to reinvest in services.

A Carbon Management Plan to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change will continue to be developed in Ceredigion with the aim of making the council’s carbon emissions net zero by 2030. This is in line with the Welsh Government’s target for the public sector in Wales.