Do you want to roll the dice?

Recently Ceredigion County Council wrote that unless action is taken more than 600 people could die of the coronavirus in Ceredigion, calling on people to stay at home, not to make any unnecessary journeys, and exercise locally.

Efforts made by Ceredigion residents by staying at home has helped ensure that the levels of positive tests in Ceredigion are the lowest in Wales. This is largely due to the measures put in place and the people’s commitment to staying strong and staying at home. However this isn’t the time for complacency.

In the UK, over 21,000 people have died because of the virus. In Wales, there have been over 800 deaths. The peak of the coronavirus may not yet have reached Ceredigion. People will continue to be infected and the numbers projected to die in Ceredigion remains very high. The virus does not discriminate.

Ceredigion has thoroughly prepared for every eventuality in light of the coronavirus outbreak by ensuring 151 beds are available in two field hospitals in Aberystwyth and Cardigan (Ysbyty Enfys Aberystwyth and Ysbyty Enfys Aberteifi), as well as preparing a temporary resting centre that can accommodate an additional 240 deceased in the county.

Hopefully, these facilities won’t be needed as people are urged to keep at it and follow the guidelines.

As time goes by, it’s as important as ever for people not to make any unnecessary travel nor meet with people outside their household. The more people travel and disobey the guidelines, the more risk they put themselves and others in and it is likely that the number of cases and deaths in Ceredigion will increase.

Remember you must not go out if you experience any symptoms of the coronavirus, are awaiting a test or test results, or if you have a confirmed case, and you must follow the self-isolation rules.

Every time you leave your house, you increase the chances of catching the cornonavirus. Do you want to roll the dice?

Thank you, Ceredigion residents, for doing a great job, staying home and saving lives.

Stay apart to play your part.

• Regular updates on the situation in Ceredigion are provided on the Council website.
• You can keep up to date on Ceredigion County Council Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages
• The infection and death rates across Wales are updated daily by Public Health Wales here.