Ceredigion County Council is urging its residents to follow the coronavirus guidelines as the number of cases rises in the County.

Over recent weeks, the number of cases in the County has increased significantly and we are now experiencing the highest number of positive cases since the pandemic began.

We are now seeing the virus spreading in our communities, several of which can be traced back to super spreader events such as parties and social gatherings. This kind of behaviour is totally irresponsible and is putting the health of our loved ones at risk, is having a direct impact on the education of our children and is putting pressure on the NHS.

Contact tracing has identified that the number of contacts for each positive case has increased, which tells us that people are mixing households and are mixing socially.

The Council has taken action and has served several businesses with improvement and closure notices where they have been breaking coronavirus regulations. The Council will continue to issue notices where we become aware of concerns or breaches. Members of the public are urged to inform us if they have any concerns that a business in Ceredigion does not have adequate measures in place to operate safely.

Ceredigion County Council will always take the necessary steps to keep our residents safe and will take decisive action when required.

But, you must play your part. Remain vigilant and remember to follow the guidelines:

• Keep a 2m social distance from each other when out and about – indoors and outdoors;

• Wash your hands regularly;

• Limit your social contact;

• Work from home wherever possible;

• Households are able to form a ‘bubble’ with one other - that bubble arrangement cannot be swapped, changed, or extended further than one household;

• People are allowed to meet with others from outside that bubble in a regulated venue, such as a pub or restaurant where there are strict safety protocols in place, but the maximum number of people that can meet is four and even then social distancing should be maintained wherever possible;

• Wear a face mask in indoor public places, shops and on public transport;

• Self-isolate immediately at the first sign of any COVID-19 symptoms and arrange a test immediately, only leaving home to get tested. A test need to be booked online or by phoning 119.

Stay apart to play your part. By doing this, we will be protecting the health and wellbeing of our most vulnerable, including care services for the elderly and those whose medical conditions make them particularly at risk from COVID-19. We will be protecting the education provision within schools, colleges and universities. We will enable the local economy to survive the winter months.

Together, we can keep Ceredigion safe.