Carers provide unpaid care by looking after a family member, friend or partner who is ill, frail, disabled or struggling with mental health, drugs, or alcohol. Three out of five of us will be a Carer at some time in our lives.

Helping a loved one get the most out of life can be incredibly rewarding, but it can also be very tough. Getting the right advice as soon as you start caring can make a huge difference. And even if you’ve been caring for decades, it is vital that you make sure you are getting all the support you are entitled to.

Carers Right’s Day is an annual awareness raising campaign to help Carers find out about their rights and help them access the support they are entitled to. This year, Ceredigion Carers Unit and partners put on a special day for Carers on Carers Rights Day, 21 November, at Lampeter Leisure Centre. There were 38 different support organisations and services there giving information and advice to Carers.

More than 95 people of all ages came to Carers Right’s Day; Carers and their family members and friends commented on the ‘friendliness of everyone’ and the ‘variety of providers and the very positive atmosphere’. Over lunch, everyone was invited to join in with a Goldies Cymru uplifting ‘sing and smile’ sing-a-long session, which added a bit of fun to the day.

The much anticipated Ceredigion Carers Fund re-opened on Carers Rights Day. Carers can now apply to the Ceredigion Carers Unit for up to £150 to help pay for something that will improve their health and wellbeing. Heather West, Ceredigion Carers Unit Manager said: “This is a chance for Carers to spend some money on themselves, on something that brings them happiness. There is a limited amount of money in the pot so Carers should apply soon to avoid missing out.”

A new programme of free training courses designed specifically for Carers was also launched at the event. Carers can try something new like Tai Chi or learn new skills to support them in their caring role such as how to better manage stress or difficult behaviour. Although booking is essential, all courses are free and Carers will have the opportunity to meet and chat with other Carers.

To find out more about the Carers Fund or Carer training courses, contact the Ceredigion Carers Unit’s on 01970 633564 or email

Image: Member of the public receiving advice from the Carers Unit