On 7 September 2020, Borth Wild Animal Zoo Ltd appeared at Aberystwyth Magistrates’ court to respond to an appeal against Ceredigion County Council’s decision to issue Closure Directions in relation to the Zoo for failing to comply with a number of Directions.

During the hearing, Borth Wild Animal Kingdom Ltd offered to surrender the Category 1 (carnivores) part of their zoo licence. In response to this proposal Ceredigion County Council agreed to an alteration to the licence to close only this section of the zoo, namely the enclosures holding lions, lynx and serval animals. The closure of this section of the Zoo means that no Category 1 animals may now be held in the collection.

The Zoo is now required to submit a rehoming and future care plan to the Local Authority within 21 days and the Judge ordered that the plan be implemented under the supervision of the Authority.

The Judge indicated in open Court that he had read the bundle of evidence supplied by the Local Authority and whilst not predetermining any issues, it was evident to him that the Local Authority had been very patient in a situation where there were clearly concerns about public safety. He was mindful of the repeated attempts made by the Local Authority to work with the Zoo and asserted that it was now up to the Zoo to look to the future.