An Award Ceremony was held on 13 December to celebrate the achievements of the first group of trainers who have completed a ground-breaking new program to train and support Carers.

The early intervention training programme, developed by Dr Dee Gray proactively addresses the impact of caring on an in individual’s mental health and wellbeing. Dr Gray is a specialist in organisational change and developing the resilience and wellbeing of frontline workers including informal Carers who are the ‘third workforce.’

The programme aims to help Carers think differently about stress and their reaction to stressful events before they become a problem; this will help them to cope more easily when dealing with life’s challenges.

Ceredigion County Council staff, Young Carers from Penglais Secondary School and teaching staff celebrated their achievements of becoming trainers and facilitators in the pioneering project.

Ceredigion County Council’s Carers Champion, Councillor Catherine Hughes said, “This is an important step in developing a pioneering new way to support Carers. The programme is also going to be trialled in places across the world, so to have a world first here in Ceredigion shows how we are looking for new ways to support Carers in the county.”

“Carers often juggle work and family commitments, putting themselves selflessly under huge pressure to maintain every professional, educational and personal commitment. Because of this, they are the ones that feel the pressure the most.”

The training has already had an impact on the teachers and Young Carers at Penglais school who join together for a weekly ‘wellbeing breakfast’ and a ‘wellbeing calendar’ of positive messages.