A collection of useful words relating to the coronavirus pandemic has been compiled and is available at your fingertips.

To facilitate the use of the Welsh language, Ceredigion County Council has compiled some of the new terms that have been coined during the Coronavirus period.

The pandemic has been a time of changing habits, and inevitably when key messages and instructions have been communicated, new words have been created and standardised as part of everyday language. These new words are equally important in the English and the Welsh language.

In order to make it easier for people to use the new Welsh terms, the Council has set about collecting some of these terms, and bringing them together into a document 'COVID-19 Terminology'. Specific words can be searched for in the Welsh-English document, or alternatively in the English-Welsh document.

The Council’s Welsh Language Policy Officer, said, “This document has been designed to ensure that these new terms are used correctly and consistently in Welsh, and that they become part of the natural vocabulary of the everyday language of Welsh speakers. By sharing the document widely, we hope that individuals and businesses across Ceredigion will make use of the glossary collection, so that key messages for public attention are displayed bilingually across the County”.

Councillor Ellen ap Gwynn, Leader of the Council, said, “During the difficult times of the pandemic I am pleased to report that the Council has succeeded in communicating our key messages bilingually, in Welsh and in English. This is expected by the residents of a county like Ceredigion. Furthermore, hearing and seeing Welsh is equally important for our growing number of Welsh language learners.
We are very pleased with the collaboration between the Communications Team and the Corporate Translation Team, who have worked hard to develop and seek out a range of new vocabulary which has been in everyday use during the pandemic. Using these new terms proves that Welsh is a modern, active and living language in Ceredigion today.”

A copy of the ‘COVID-19 Terminology’ document can be downloaded from the Council's website: