Recently updated Ministry of Justice data has shown that the number of young people in Ceredigion being found guilty of offences has reduced by nearly 70% in 12 years.

In 2005, young people in Ceredigion had either admitted or were proven to have committed 284 offences. By 2017 this number had dropped to 90. The main reason for the reduction in youth crime is a reduction in the number of young people offending for the first time; this was 118 in 2005 and reduced to 36 in 2017.

The reduction in youth crime reflects patterns across England and Wales. Reoffending rates in Ceredigion have remained fairly constant since 2005. Approximately 30% of young people who have offended go on to reoffend within 12 months. This figure includes all young people that go on to reoffend, including those subject to warnings as opposed to formal criminal sanctions.

Ceredigion Youth Justice and Preventions Service (CYJPS) is a statutory multiagency team that has a specific role in reducing offending by young people in Ceredigion. The statutory partners include Social Services, Education, Police, Probation and Health Services.

Councillor Catherin Hughes, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, including Prevention, said, “It’s very positive news that the data shows that targeted interventions with young people by CYJPS have directly contributed to a reduction in offending by young people in the county. Interventions that target young people who are at risk of offending can reduce the risk of them going on to offend. The work of all teams involved across public, private and voluntary sector organisations is commendable and provide preventative programmes and structured activities to divert young people from offending and anti-social behaviour.”

Interventions that target young people who are at risk of offending can reduce the risk of them going on to offend. A reduction of up to 50% can be seen in the 24 months following intervention compared to matched control groups. Research by Dyfed-Powys Youth Offending Teams and the office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has also shown that youth crime tends to be lower in regions where Youth Offending Teams dedicate more resources to preventions work.

For more information on CYJPS visit the ‘Youth Justice Service’ page on the Council’s website,