New Quay is one of the many jewels in Ceredigion’s crown. It is a very popular resort which local people and visitors enjoy and value. Yet, during peak times, this can cause some issues, including those relating to waste and litter.

We know that litter bins sited in inappropriate locations can create more problems than they solve. This has been the case with the bins on the beaches at New Quay. This is the only location in Ceredigion where we have trialled this, and unfortunately it has not worked. They have caused operational difficulties as well as health and safety concerns leading to environmental problems. During the winter months we have reviewed the arrangements for litter bin provision and emptying in the town.

As a result of the review, we will be making changes during 2023 to have a positive influence on the issues. As well as reviewing the size, type and location of litter bins, we will look to increase the frequency they are emptied during the busiest times.

  • There will be over 40 litter bins in New Quay
  • This will include a capacity of over 8,000 litres
  • We will be emptying them up to 3 times a day during the summer
  • This could mean up to 24,000 litres of litter a day, or 168,000 litres of litter a week

In Ceredigion, the general on street bins are there for on the go litter and bagged dog waste. It is illegal to try and place domestic or trade waste in these bins or fly-tip in their vicinity. Unfortunately, these issues have been seen at New Quay. By accepting bagged dog waste in general waste bins in Ceredigion, we are able to increase the level of provision and coverage in the most efficient way possible.

The reasonable and well established expectation is that people should use the nearest litter bin or take their litter home with them. This includes when visiting beaches.

Councillor Keith Henson, Cabinet Member for Highways and Environmental Services and Carbon Management, commented: “We continually review our approach to the operational delivery of front line services, including street cleaning and litter bin management, with a view of making the very best of the resources available across Ceredigion. However, these are not issues for the County Council alone, and as part of Caru Ceredigion, we will need positive engagement from local stakeholders.

“This includes maintaining, developing and promoting the very positive profile New Quay, in this instance, truly deserves, and Ceredigion more widely as a fantastic place to live and visit. The proposals for New Quay in 2023 were shared with New Quay Town Council earlier in the year. We hope to work with them and other stakeholders and look forward to hearing of the proactive practical initiatives and interventions they will be leading on in support of Caru Ceredigion to ensure New Quay is kept looking at its very best for everyone to enjoy. I would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the individuals, groups, Town and Community Councils across the county who proactively play their part in keeping Ceredigion clean.”

As part of Caru Ceredigion, we look to develop positive proactive meaningful partnerships with others who have shared our mutual interest in these matters. With this in mind we will be engaging with businesses in New Quay to raise awareness and remind them of their role and responsibility to deal with waste legally and responsibly.