Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) will be carrying out a Performance Evaluation Inspection of social services in Ceredigion at the end of February.

The purpose of this performance evaluation is to review how well the Local Authority is exercising its social services duties and functions in line with legislation. 

The performance evaluation will seek to answer how well the Local Authority meets the key principles of the Social Service (Wales) Well-being 2014 Act which are; People – voice and control, Prevention, Wellbeing and Partnership. There will be a focus on how well the Local Authority delivers services, supports people to keep themselves safe and promote their own well-being.

CIW wants to hear about your experience of asking for information, advice and assistance and we will try to understand what difference receiving services has made to you or your family.

You will not have to share any personal information, and you can remain anonymous. However, if you tell us about someone being abused or neglected, CIW have a duty to share the information with others to prevent further harm. 

At the end of the performance evaluation, CIW will share their findings with the Local Authority so improvements can be considered.

The survey is live until 17 March 2023. Your views are important and you can contribute by telephone or video call on 0300 790 0126. Alternatively, you can complete the survey online: CIW Performance Evaluation

An Easy Read format is currently being produced and will be available shortly. 

If you have any further questions or concerns, you can e-mail