Dog fouling is a concern that arises in many communities. Dog fouling is dirty and can cause health problems especially for children.

The County Council is very keen to raise general awareness of the expectation that people clean up after their dogs.

With an increase in the number of people who have dogs there has also been an inevitable increase in the presence of dog fouling. While the vast majority who keep dogs in Ceredigion clear up after their best friend, unfortunately, there's a minority who don't.

Councillor Keith Henson, Cabinet Member for Highways and Environmental Services and Carbon Management, said: "We call on all dog owners to do the right, conscientious, legal and responsible thing. To support and facilitate this we are jointly implementing the Your Dog Your Job campaign with practical measures which includes that all general waste litter bins provided by the Council receive bagged dog poo.”

Your Dog Your Job is designed to make a very visual impression by using materials that include stencils on the road along with striking and noticeable signage. These can then be moved around communities across the county where dog fouling is considered a problem in the hope of having a positive influence. So far the materials have been seen in Cardigan, Llandysul, Llanon, Aberystwyth as well as Talybont.

In response to the situation and concerns that have arisen from local residents in the Talybont area, the local County Councillor for Ceulan and Maesmawr, Councillor Catrin M.S. Davies, has arranged for Your Dog Your Job materials to be placed prominently around the village, particularly where people walk their dogs.

Councillor Catrin M.S. Davies said: "We all appreciate those dog owners who are doing the right thing and thank them for being responsible and social. It's a shame that there's a minority who don't always do their bit and so it means we have dirty paths and pavements, and before we know it we've all reached home and realised there's dog poo on our shoes! Several people have told me they come out of her home to find dog poo right in front of their door. There's no excuse for it! That's the message of Your Dog Your Job. The materials, stencils on the road and signs on poles around the village, are very impressive and definitely impressing! All that is needed now is for people to follow the instructions."

The Your Dog Your Job initiative is part of Caru Ceredigion. The principle that underpins Caru Ceredigion is that everyone can play their part in responding to issues that are of concern or importance to residents in our communities. This includes very easy things everyone can do like:

  • cleaning up after dogs
  • not littering
  • reduce and manage waste
  • parking positively
  • celebrate and be grateful where we live conveying the positive profile the area deserves.

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