The Mid and South West Wales Community Cohesion Team have project funding available, up to £1500 to help create cohesive communities.

Community cohesion is the process that must happen to ensure different groups of people get on well together in the area. A cohesive community is an area where those from different backgrounds share positive relationships, feel safe in the neighbourhood and have a sense of mutual respect and shared values.

The Community Cohesion Small Grants Fund will support projects which meet one of the following priority areas:

• develop events/safe spaces to bring people from across different communities together. Events could promote integration, including new communities such as resettled refugees from Ukraine/Syria/Afghanistan etc.
• raise awareness of campaigns or events such as: Hate Crime Awareness Week; Interfaith Week; Holocaust Memorial Day; International Day of Disability; Black History Month etc
• focus on Hate Crime Awareness
• engage with diverse groups to promote community cohesion and mitigate community tensions.
• support communities with needs such as cost of living crisis (eg Cooking on a budget, events with agencies to provide advice on finance etc).

Matthew Vaux, Cabinet member with responsibility for Community Safety said: “This is a useful amount of money to help communities across the region. We encourage anyone who thinks this would benefit their project or idea to put in an application or at least get in touch to discuss your idea further.”

The closing date for applications is 31 August 2022. For more information about the Grant, contact Sarah Bowen on