The Hybrid Working Strategy and Interim Hybrid Policy for Ceredigion County Council was agreed today by Member during a Cabinet meeting, to be trialled for 12 months.

The strategy sets out the vision and associated approaches that will be taken to ensure Ceredigion County Council has a workforce with the skills and ability to be working in a way that is fit for our organisation’s future, in workspaces that meet its needs. This will help underpin the delivery of the Council’s Corporate Strategy by ensuring there is a high performing workforce operating in a way that is innovative, digitally mature and sustainable.

The Interim Hybrid Working Policy has been developed to provide detailed information around what hybrid working means for the Council. It will support employees and their managers in implementing hybrid working by providing practical advice and information, enabling employees to work from the office or home effectively, productively and safely.

Wider Opportunities

Adapting the way it works will enable the Council to deliver modern services that will enhance the social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being of the people of Ceredigion.

Feedback has shown that staff are more productive and digital ways of working has enhanced access to services for many customers. By high numbers working in a hybrid way there are significant opportunities to transform the space formerly occupied by desks and meeting rooms to provide a range of new uses or deliver services in a more integrated way, both internally and with external partners and agencies.

Customer Services

Major change does not take place overnight so it’s important for the Council to maintain good services whilst looking to improve service delivery in the medium to longer term. The Council will do this by continuing to provide services virtually and in person. Many services will continue to provide services digitally where they work well.

General enquiries and collection of recycling/food and other domestic waste bags are available in our Libraries and in person services will be expanded to include payment by card in the near future.

Councillor Bryan Davies, Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Democratic Services, Policy, Performance and People and Organisation, said: “The Hybrid Working Strategy and Interim Hybrid Working Policy is an exciting approach to enable staff to continue to provide high standards of services in a new and innovative way. Staff engagement indicated that there were many benefits from hybrid working, including virtual meetings, increased productivity, improved collaboration, and greater flexibility in balancing work and home life. We therefore welcome the interim hybrid working model that will maintain the required high level of service, and the needs of the service will always be the over-riding priority when considering any hybrid working possibilities in the future.”


The Hybrid Working Strategy and Interim Hybrid Working Policy have both been heavily influenced and informed by ongoing engagement with staff and managers. This has shown significant support for developing the way staff work and how service are delivered. These policies will help provide clarity going forward and allow services and staff to plan with more certainty from now on.

The Council will soon start engaging on the reuse of the buildings, the type of services that can be delivered and what alternative uses can be made of the space created.

To read more about the policy and the strategy, visit the Council’s website: Ceredigion County Council Cabinet Meeting