Residents of Ceredigion, along with the rest of the UK, are showing help and support for the people of Ukraine as the conflict with Russia continues to devastate the country.

Following reports that members of the veteran community across the UK are attempting to travel to Ukraine to fight, Chairman of Ceredigion County Council and Armed Forces Champion, Councillor Paul Hinge highlights that there are other ways the veteran community in Ceredigion can help.

Councillor Hinge said: “Please dissuade anyone who is considering travelling to Ukraine to fight, it is a serious risk to place themselves in this dangerous situation.”

The UK Government’s position remains that travelling to Ukraine to fight, or to assist others engaged in the conflict, may amount to offences against UK legislation and could lead to prosecution.

Councillor Hinge continued: “We will shortly need people to coordinate local support for Ukrainian refugees who arrive here in Ceredigion. They will need financial support through charitable donations. Ukraine needs funds, rather than volunteers who, although well meaning, will put further pressure on stretched resources.

“Charities and service associations provide a channel of support and comradeship to our veterans. Through your networks, you can make a positive difference by channelling your energy and enthusiasm in the right way; Ukrainians who need sanctuary will be arriving soon and support for them will be needed here.”

Serving Personnel should also be reminded that as members of the British Armed Forces, regular or reserve, you are not authorised to travel to Ukraine to support the ongoing conflict against Russia in any form, whether you are on leave or not.

Information from Welsh Government on how you can help and support the people of Ukraine can be found here: