Generally, in Ceredigion people undertake higher levels of physical activity than other parts of Wales.

Nevertheless it still remains that 25% of the population of Ceredigion is classed as inactive. The challenge is to get these people to start being physically active at least once a week, and then to improve from there.

For children aged 7 - 11 in Ceredigion, 36% are sufficiently active to benefit their health. This is 5% less than the Welsh average.

The key target is to increase participation in physical activity by 1% each year up to 2020. This is in line with the Welsh Assembly target in the Climbing Higher Strategy. This equates to 750 more people per year in Ceredigion reaching the recommended minimum levels of activity.

The Sports Council for Wales recommends that adults should aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes five times a week – (5 x 30mins), whilst children should aim for 60 minutes five times a week – (5 x 60mins).

The Activity Pyramid